Teacher and student of Yoga and various wellness practices since 2013. I believe everything starts with you. Your individual self and the healing we can do together, one practice at a time. How you think, breathe, move, balance, and connect matter and make a difference to your life, your surroundings, the world, and to me. As your teacher, I will meet you where you’re ready to begin. I will hold you accountable to a consistent practice of body mechanics, breathing exercises, meditation, and other related techniques. In teaching you, you also teach me.
Together we will help sustain a less stressful, more pain-free lifestyle.

When in a studio, leading my own creative design of sequences,
I enjoy teaching classes instructed with slower, but strong, core integrated movements.
I teach intention and presence by inviting you into the sensations that travel through our bodies and minds.
Manual assists is one of my favorite subjects and, with your permission, exercise them in class.


I became a student of Yoga several years ago. After developing a regular practice, I continued my study and went on to receive a 200-hour RYT certification from SunstoneFIT Academy in Dallas, Texas. I have since attended several workshops and trainings with SunstoneFIT and with various studios in the Austin, Texas, area. I am always seeking experiences that can provide useful tools which can then be applied to my teaching practice, as well as my personal life. Just after the 2018 New Year, I received additional hours in Dominical, Costa Rica, under the teachings of the Authentic Movements team. I recently re-visited my teachers overseas, where I attended and completed Authentic Movements' 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Flo Retreat Center in Uvita, Costa Rica, in April of 2019. Such teachers, and creators of the Authentic Movements team, include Stephanie Gongora, Erin Kelly, and Bianca Scalise. Our 30-days of training in the jungle also provided special guest lectures and hours studied with DPT - Dr. Jen Esquer, Nutritionist - Ben House, Coach - Anthony DiFiglio, and Zen Buddhist Priest - Kim House.
These teachers have greatly influenced me in my career and on my path,
they continue to be admired friends and colleagues of mine.


Studies and training continue in various styles of Yoga, body mechanics, manual assists, strength building, meditations, breathing techniques, myofascial release, and other wellness methods.

Currently living life in Covington, Kentucky with boyfriend, Abraham, and two doggies Maxwell and Luna.


Available for private classes and bookings in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area.


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