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Movement -and- Meditation

Liberty Hill Movement and Chill

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Hello, I'm Codi.


I've been a teacher and student of Yoga and various wellness methods since 2015. I believe everything starts with you. Your individual self and the choices you make to do the work for the goals you seek to achieve. Together, we will practice healing and health one movement at a time. How we think, breathe, move, balance, and connect matter. These fundamentals to living make a difference to our lives, our surroundings, the world, and to me. As your teacher, I will meet you where you’re ready to begin, and I will hold you accountable to a consistent practice. We will delve into the art of movement and body mechanics, work on breathing techniques, and personalize your practice with every lesson. I will guide us through various meditations, and the use of myofascial release, as desired; Manual assists will also be offered throughout class. Opportunities to focus on strength building, targeted anatomy work, and how to set our intentions for the outcomes we receive.

In teaching you, you also teach me. Together we can build sustainability for a happier, more functional lifestyle.

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Each session is custom designed to meet the focus and needs of you, the practitioner.
Private Lessons are structured to encourage consistency and accountability of your practice.
Rather than in a larger group class setting, private lessons allow for time and space to focus on the movements we make,
and ask questions about something as simple as how to breathe...
which isn't always so simple, we've found out through history and practices,
there are thousands of different ways just to breathe!

Private Lessons are available for couples, individuals, and up to 4 person families.
For groups larger than 4, please refer to the Groups/Businesses tab.

Private Lessons are suitable for all ages, all body types, seasoned practitioners, and beginners!


"I approached Codi because our restaurant company has a goal to promote employee wellness and health.  Our first idea was a free yoga class for all of our employees, and Codi enthusiastically agreed to lead the class!
I have practiced for 6 years, and Codi introduced new postures that I had not seen before!  She also educates and explains throughout her class, which I love. I also love the imagery that she provides as she is asking us to focus on our breath.  She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and how yoga affects our bodies and educates us on these connections throughout the class. I love when she makes personal adjustments throughout the class and particularly during Vinyasa. Codi tailored the class to meet the needs of our group.  We are all in the service industry so she created a class for all levels that focused on typical areas of struggle for those that are on their feet for long hours. She adjusts the class week to week based on our feedback – it is a very personalized class."

Molly Costello