Teacher and student of Yoga and various wellness practices since 2013. I believe everything starts with you. Your individual self and the healing we can do together, one practice at a time. How you think, breathe, move, balance, and connect matter and make a difference to your life, your surroundings, the world, and to me. As your teacher, I will meet you where you’re ready to begin. I will hold you accountable to a consistent practice of body mechanics, breathing exercises, meditation, and other related techniques. In teaching you, you also teach me. Together we will help sustain a less stressful, more pain-free lifestyle.

When in a studio, leading my own creative design of sequences, I enjoy teaching classes instructed with slower, but strong, core integrated movements. I teach intention and presence by inviting you into the sensations that travel through our bodies and minds. Manual assists is one of my favorite subjects and, with your permission, exercise them in class.



Classes and plans are custom designed to meet the focus and needs of you, the practitioner.
Planning with Codi will save you money on lessons and encourage accountability.

Yoga Class


Sequences designed with care and creativity.

Through giving you options, variations, and alternative methods, for your practice;

I hope to help you better understand how we move and function in ourselves, our lives, and our tribes.

We can develop this mind + body awareness through consistent practice.

We all benefit differently from yoga. Have a look at the classes I teach throughout the week to see what works for you.




"I approached Codi because our restaurant company has a goal to promote employee wellness and health.  Our first idea was a free yoga class for all of our employees, and Codi enthusiastically agreed to lead the class!
I have practiced for 6 years, and Codi introduced new postures that I had not seen before!  She also educates and explains throughout her class, which I love. I also love the imagery that she provides as she is asking us to focus on our breath.  She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and how yoga affects our bodies and educates us on these connections throughout the class. I love when she makes personal adjustments throughout the class and particularly during Vinyasa. Codi tailored the class to meet the needs of our group.  We are all in the service industry so she created a class for all levels that focused on typical areas of struggle for those that are on their feet for long hours. She adjusts the class week to week based on our feedback – it is a very personalized class."

- Molly Costello


Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area

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